Autism Friendly Screenings & Cinemas

Usually referred to as ‘autism friendly’, ‘sensory friendly’ or ‘relaxed’ cinema screenings, are adapted screenings which provide a relaxed, comfortable, and inclusive environment to allow everyone to enjoy the cinema experience.

Created to provide people with a range of conditions, such as autism, learning disabilities, sensory issues, and cognitive disorders, however, these screenings can be for anyone!

The theater will usually have the sound levels turned down, lights left on a low level, and no trailers. Customers are able to make noise, move around as needed, and to sit where they feel most comfortable, so they can truly immerse themselves in the film with no judgment or restrictions. 

To suit each individuals needs and preferences some cinemas allow film-goers to bring their own food and drinks to the sensory friendly screenings.

Autism Friendly Cinemas & Screenings Near Me

Autism friendly screenings are available in over 500 different cinemas sites around the UK. The majority of cinemas have a regular day, schedule, or time for their autism friendly screenings, typically once or twice a month.

These showtimes will typically be labeled as AFS, AF, Autism friendly, Relaxed screenings, Sensory screenings. Additionally, they may also use the logos below.

Autism Friendly iconAutism Friendly icon

To find out more about autism friendly screenings at your chosen cinema, use our  Cinema Information Tool. Or look out for the ‘Autism friendly’ / “Sensory Friendly” filters when searching for films at your local cinema to see when these special screenings are available.

For More Information about autism and cinemas visit Dimensions UK  or The National Autistic Society