Audio Described Screenings & Cinemas

What is Audio Description at the Cinema

Cinemas with Audio Description capabilities are designed to enhance the cinema experience for those who are visually impaired, have sight loss or sight problems. It is a separate soundtrack which is broadcasted through wireless headphones which only the wearer can hear. 

Audio description provides a pre-recorded voice commentary that describes the key visual elements and features such as actions, body language, expressions and movements during the film. Designed to fit within the silent gaps in a film, it doesn't interfere with the film's dialogue so the user can fully enjoy the movie experience

If the cinema has audio description technology available, and the film has been provided with the audio description track, then every screening of that film could be available to enjoy with audio description.

Cinemas with AD Provisions Near Me

Most circuit cinemas have audio description available at most of their locations. Find out more about your local cinemas' accessible screenings using our cinema information tool!

Audio Description showtimes will be marked as AD, or show the AD logo. The audio description headsets are usually available at your cinema's ticket office or from a member of staff.

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